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Learning during the covid pandemic

Students return for full day in-person teaching and learning on Tuesday, Aug. 17.  All who work on public school campuses are mandated to be fully vaccinated, and show proof of their vaccination, or submit to weekly COVID testing.
Here are some of the many measures we are taking to keep everyone safe while still
maintaining a strong focus on the learning and achievement of our students. Please note
that the guidance may change and necessitate modification to the below procedures.
  • Student Daily Screener - Parents are asked to complete a daily COVID-19 screening of student
  • Social Distancing - In alignment with current guidance—social distancing, while encouraged if
    practical, is not 
  • Masking - Per current guidance:
     Indoors: Required
     Outdoors: Not Required
  • Student Day - The following procedure will be followed for a student’s day:
     Classroom:
    o Masks required unless an exemption exists
    o No social distancing per guidance
    o Assigned seating for accurate contact tracing
     Recess:
    o Will be held
    o Masks not required per current guidance
    o Scheduling constraints do not allow staggering of recess times
     Lunch:
    o Seating by classroom will be encouraged
    o Outdoor seating structures have been added to allow for more space
    o Masks not required while eating
  • Transportation
    o Per guidance, social distancing not required
    o Mask required
  • Visitors on Campus/Volunteers
    To minimize individuals on campus in order to support keeping schools open, the
    following process for visitors will be implemented:
     Day 1: Families must wear a mask and are able to walk student(s) to the door of
    the classroom. They will not be allowed inside and should leave campus as
    quickly as possible.
     Subsequent to the First Day: Visitors will be required to show verification of
    vaccine or a negative test within 72 hours. Regional testing sites will be set up to
    support this, along with continued offering of vaccination clinics.
  • Field Trips - Will be held virtually until circumstances allow
  • Rallies/Activities  Indoor: virtual until circumstances allow
     Outdoors: permitted
  • After School Programs - Continue with the same requirements as a school day
  • Daily Cleaning - Same process as 2020-2021
  • Hand sanitizer in all classrooms and work locations

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Technology support

If you need support with technology, please call or email Tech Help using the contacts below.