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Welcome Back Hornets!

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Contact Information

Summer Shebley-Jonard
Call: (916) 566-1960,  Ext. 24144
Text: (916) 877-5635
Summer Jonard
School Counselor

Known as Mrs. J to our students

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What's Happening at sierra view!

Counseling Lessons In These Classrooms Weekly or Bi-Weekly:
Bales'-Kelso's Choices
C. Ringstrom's-Kelso's Choices
M. Ringstrom's-Kelso's Choices
Kent-Community Circles
Alley-Community Circles
Smith-Community Circles
Lunch Bunches are happening 1x a month for all grades!
Individual Counseling, Conflict management, and Intervention Counseling are always happening!

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Communicate with your counselor...

I have been a counselor for 7 years now and have enjoyed as well as learned so much from Staff-Parents-and Students while I have been here! I feel very strongly that parents should have full knowledge of what their students are learning in my lessons. Therefore, I welcome any questions, inquiries, or concerns you may have about the material. Please reach me at the contact info above, and I like to respond within 24-48 hours. Please use the forms on the tabs above, to sign your student up for Individual Counseling-Thankyou!!